Effect of Deflector in Energy Dissipation on the Flip Bucket spillway

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1 shahid chamran university of ahvaz

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3 professor of Shahid Chamran university of ahwaz


Flip buckets are commonly used to discharge flow from a hydraulic structure to the downstream when flow velocity is larger than about 20 m/s. One way to increase energy dissipation in flip bucket spillways is the deflector application. Deflector is a wedge-shaped structure which creates changes in part of flow trajectory. In this study, the deflector was continuously used across the channel, and energy dissipation caused by the mentioned deflector was measured. For the purpose of this study, after making the physical model, experiments were conducted by using four Froude’s Numbers 5.5, 4.7, 3.9 and 3.1 by using deflectors with 3, 6, 9 cm lengths, and angles equal to 12˚,17˚, 22˚, 27˚, 32˚, 37˚ and 42˚. Data analysis showed that deflectors with different angles cause an increase in energy dissipation. Also when the Froude’s Number increases, the amount of energy dissipation will increase. The greatest difference of energy dissipation which occurs in Froude’s number of 3/9 was equal to 22/7% and was belong to deflector with 6cm length and 26 degree. In average the deflector with angles of 27 degrees has the greatest energy dissipation. This amount of energy dissipation for deflectors with 3, 6, 9 cm in lengths were equals to 68.2%, 72.5%, 51.6% respenctively and which occur in Froude’s number equal to 5.55


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