Author = Mohsen Solimani babarsad
Experimental Investigation of using the Piano Key Weirs in the Outlet of the Clarifier Structure

Volume 45, Issue 4, February 2023, Pages 145-156


Youssef Gatezadeh; Mohammad Hosein Purmohammadi; Mohsen Solimani babarsad; Ehsan Drikvand; Hosein Ghorbanizadeh Kharazi

Experimental Study Effect of the Flexible Collar on Bridge Pier Scouring Depth

Volume 44, Issue 2, September 2021, Pages 53-66


Abbas Safaei; Mohsen Solimani babarsad; Roozbeh Aghamajidi; Payam Eftekhar

Laboratory investigation of deflector structure effect on bridge pier scouring

Volume 43, Issue 4, March 2021, Pages 91-104


Mohsen Solimani babarsad; Amin Hojatkhah; Abbas Safaei; Roozbeh Aghamajidi