Does your journal charge a fee for publishing articles?

In this regard, all researchers have to pay a non-refundable fee of 3,000,000 Rials as a contribution for publishing the articles received in the Irrigation Science and Engineering Journal from 15/2/91. Please kindly consider the following points prior to your payment:








Prepare your manuscript according to the journal’s format, and submit it to the journal’s website.








After reviewing and verifying the manuscript by the reviewers and editor in chief, the corresponding author will be notified for the payment of the publication fee by an e-mail. Please note that do not do your payment before receiving an e-mail from the Journal’s office asking for publication fee payment. As stated before, it should be noted that the publication fee is a completely non-refundable fee.

How to submit your Manuscript?

All manuscripts should be submitted electronically and online into the journal’s website.

Does your Journal charge a submission fee?





For the reviewing process, a non-refundable amount of 1/000/000 Rials equal to 100,000 Tomans would be charged from the authors.

How much time does the journal take for complete review process?

The complete review process takes about 3-4 months after the acknowledgement of the submission e-mail of the contributor.

I want to submit a paper to your journal. Does it fall within the scope of the journal?

Visit the ‘Aims and Scope’ menu of the journal in the website. If you are not sure about the suitability, write to the managing editor at jise.water@yahoo.com.