Evaluation of EVALUE, SIPAR_ID and INFILT Models for Estimating of Kostiakov infiltration parameters in Furrow Irrigation

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Dept. of water engineering, Imam Khomeini International University

2 Dept. of Irrigation and Reclamation, University of Tehran

3 Agricultural Engineering Research Institute, Karaj


of infiltration parameters is very difficult in furrow irrigation while they
have very important effect in design and evaluation of surface irrigation
systems. There are different methods for estimating infiltration parametersbased on mathematical
models such as EVALUE, SIPAR_ID and INFILT. EVALUE model uses direct solution
whereas two other models are based on inverse solution. The objective of this
study is to evaluate these models to estimate infiltration parameters in furrow
irrigation. Twelve data sets of experimental blocked-ended and free draining
furrows were used in this assessment.
The data sets were under different conditions, e.g. length, slope, and
flow regime
. Using the estimated
infiltration parameters, the total infiltrated volume was predicted to evaluate
the accuracy of the mathematical models. The results indicated that EVALUE and
SIPAR_ID provided the lowest errors for estimating the infiltrated volume with
RMSE 1.86 and 1.78 m3 at blocked furrows, respectively. At free
draining furrows, SIPAR­­_ID with RMSE 1.11 m3 has the best result.
The models specifically INFILT with RMSE, 1.63 m3 provided lower
accuracies in cutback flow regime relative to continuous flow.