An Experimental Study in the Effects of Non-uniform Particles of Sediment on the Progression and Pattern of Delta in Steady and Unsteady Flow

Document Type : Research Paper



Sedimentation occurs at the entrance of reservoir in the form of delta, and coarse particles create delta. In this research, the effect of non-uniformity of sediment particles on the progression and shape of delta in steady and unsteady flow is studied. Results show that in experiments with non-uniform particles, the progression of delta is more 2dimentional than in experiments with uniform sediment particles. Symmetry in final pattern of delta doesn’t depend on non-uniformity of sediment particles, and in all experiments a good symmetry can be observed. In experiments with non-uniform particles in steady flow, the power of Swenson equation for the toe is calculated 0.788 that shows slower progression for delta because this power in experiments with uniform particles is calculated 0.85. This is also correct in unsteady flow. After flood, the foreset slope of delta is decreased in experiments with non-uniform particles. 


  • Receive Date: 04 October 2011
  • Revise Date: 30 September 2014
  • Accept Date: 13 June 2012
  • Publish Date: 22 October 2012