Modeling Water Resources in Using the dynamic system method Case study: Nishabur watershed

Document Type : Research Paper



     In The comprehensive management of water resources in the basin level, the interaction of components within the system and the interaction of different systems should be considered comprehensively. This Study levels has been done in the basin of neyshabour, with an emphasis on problem solving of process decline annual in groundwater in this plain. To control the level of the aquifer, the modeling steps were developed and roots of problem examined in the formation process of flow- storage diagram. By using Vensim software, effect of each variable on the simulated problem and validity of the model were examined via different methods such as sensitivity analysis, statistical tests, etc. Results of tests show that the model has a good accordance with reality and behavior of model has accordance with reality. According to The statistical tests between the observed values and estimated values of rise and fall aquifer level via model, the coefficient of determination equal to 0.8 and root of the mean square error was 0.21. Different tests were also carried out that results confirmed the simulated model. Finally, policies was implemented based on the proposed scenarios by model.


  • Receive Date: 10 December 2012
  • Revise Date: 11 January 2015
  • Accept Date: 22 October 2013
  • Publish Date: 23 October 2014