Removal of Cadmium from Drinking Water using Reverse Osmosis Process

Document Type : Research Paper



     According to the present heavy metal pollution is a universal phenomenon, thus concerns about long-term effects of these metals, is increasing. The heavy metal cadmium as a toxic element exposure in humans can cause a variety of symptoms, because of its ability to accumulate in various tissues. The objective of this research was to evaluating the performance of the reverse osmosis system in cadmium removal from drinking water. The standard solution made in laboratory scale, then the removal efficiency of cadmium by semi-permeable membrane for reverse osmosis system (model: FT-30), under the influence of parameters concentration, pH and pressure were investigated. The results of this study showed that in the standard temperature 20 ºC , the concentration 50 ppb, pressure 350 (Kpa) and pH of about 6.8, cadmium removal efficiency by reverse osmosis system was above 98 percent. Thus, can be concluded that reverse osmosis, an ideal method to cadmium removal in areas with contaminated water to this metal.