Effect of Obstacles Transversal Distances on Suspended Sediment Transport in The Case of Transverse Wave Occur

Document Type : Research Paper



     In present study the effect of obstacles transversal distances in a staggered and an in-line arrangement on suspended sediment load transport in a rectangular flume was investigated. The results show that in transverse wave condition, the concentration of suspended sediment at downstream obstacles zone is more than the part of no obstacles zone but it was reduced in the case of existing transverse wave and in the same condition of discharge, diameter and perpendicular distances, increasing of obstacles transversal distances causes to increase of this difference but with no significance at 5% level. Although, in mentioned condition, increasing of obstacles transversal distances caused to decrease the percentage of transported suspended sediment concentration in obstacles zone in an in-line arrangement and this decreases was significant at 5% level. But the percentage of decreased suspended sediment concentration was decreased with no significance at 5% level in a staggered arrangement for wave modes 1 and 2. By increasing of obstacles transversal distances, the percentage of increased suspended sediment concentration which transported in no obstacles zone for wave mode 1 was not changed in both staggered and in-line arrangement. Although, the transportation of suspended sediment concentration was increased for wave mode 2 in a staggered arrangement but it was decreased in an in-line arrangement, so in this condition, suspended sediment was deposited at upstream of obstacles zone.