Investigation of Water Efficiency Index and its comparison with the Actual Conditions of Wheat Farms

Document Type : Research Paper



Water resource limits, missing a developed irrigation program and undesirable water quality are the basic parameters that affect agricultural development of Iran. This research focus on irrigation amount water and its duration in other to increase crop yield of wheat on Hamedan-Bahar and Razan-Ghahavand plains. To this regard, three wheat farms located on different area of the plains were selected during agronomic year 2011. Consumption water amount (W) and crop yield (Y) were measured in order to calculate the water use efficiency (WUE) of the farms. The results showed that wheat yield significantly was increased (21.6%) by training of proper planning program of irrigation. This increasing yield resulted decreasing on using water content (23.1%) and increasing of water use efficiency (55%) in all farms of the experiment. The farmers training also showed that tensiometer is a simple and favorite instrument for optimal water using compared with gypsum blocks.