Surveying Efficiency of Removing Turbidity, Aluminum, Total Organic Carbon and UV 254 from Karoon River by Using Poly Aluminum Chloride and Chitosan in Water Treatment Plant of Ahvaz

Document Type : Research Paper



     The present study was conduct in order to surveying the efficiency of Chitosan in performance improvement of coagulant of poly aluminum chloride in removing the turbidity, Al, and organic materials including TOC and UV254(Absorption of the organic materials by ultraviolet at 254 nm) at the slow mixing phase from drinking water. This study conducted in the labscale using jar test device in water treatment plant of Ahvaz. Optimal dosage of poly aluminum chloride together with chitosan was obtained 5 mg/L and 0.02 mg/L respectively. The efficiency of removing the turbidity, TOC, Al and UV254 in the optimal conditions of Chitosan performance were obtained for 96.59, 46.15, 80.49, and 67.86% respectively. The dominant mechanism for instable making colloidal particles and removing the natural organic materials by bridging between the particles-polymers, neutralizing the colloidal NOM charge, and common deposition mechanism by surface absorption are justified. In addition, floces formed by chitosan were coarser due to the high molecular weight and needed to the less time in order to  being deposited.