Experimental Study on The Arrangement Effect of Cylindrical Obstacles on Saline Density Current body

Document Type : Research Paper



   Density currents occur when fluid of one
density propagates into a fluid of different density.  These currents are the main caude for
sediment transport in dam reservoirs and estuaries. The
negative effects of density currents can be minimized using obstacles. The
obstacles can totally or partially block density currents and thus
sedimentation will occur far from the dams.
In this paper, the effect of cylindrical obstacles and their arrangement on
density current body is experimentally studied. Obstacles with constant
diameter and height were glued on the bed in staggered form. The staggered form
were constant during all the experiments, but transverse longitudinal distances
between obstacles were variable. It caused two beds with different arrangement
of obstacles. The results indicated that rate of mixing in bed with obstacles
is greater than bed without obstacles. So velocity and height of head
in bed with obstacles decrease about 40 present