Summer Maize Irrigation Scheduling Under Surface and Sprinkler Irrigation Using CWSI in Ahvaz Climatie Condition

Document Type : Research Paper



     Use of canopy temperature for plants irrigation scheduling is one of the methods that have been attention by researchers. Several indexes have been provided for this method and one of them is Idso index . This research intends to investigate irrigation scheduling of summer maize using canopy temperature in Ahvaz climate in farming years 2013-2014 (summer cultivation) under sprinkler (fixed irrigation system) and surface irrigation with five levels of salinity irrigation water (S1, S2, S3, S4 ,S5). The experiment had three replications. Based on the obtained results, The CWSI for sprinkler irrigation in september and october estimated 0. 14 and 0.18  respectively. Also for surface irrigation in september and october estimated 0.14 and 0.15. Calculated equation for lower base in sprinkler and surface irrigation present less water stress in surface irrigation than sprinkler irrigation. of course, this does not mean that sprinkler irrigation has been stressed, but in these two types of irrigation CWSI values ​​indicate non-stress conditions for both irrigation. By using of measured data for scheduling irrigation maize in octobar and september with sprinkler and  surface irrigation methods, some equations was determind.Than by using of the equations and comparing difference between leaf and air temperature measured by leaf and air temperature calculated can detect time of irrigation.