Investigation of Scour Depth Downstream of Stilling Basin for the Case of B-Jump

Document Type : Research Paper



     Scour downstream of hydraulic jump stilling basins can damage the surrounding area and can cause failure of the structure itself. Because of the study of such phenomenon has attracted the attention of researchers in the past. In the present study by constructing a model of spillways and stilling basin, The effect of B-jump characteristics on downstream scour was investigated. A total of 20 tests under 4 different Froude numbers and 5 different of jump position were carried out.  The results indicated that at any discharge, the scour depth and length is decreased as the B-jump started at higher level. When the B-jump started at 14% of spillway depth, the non-dimensional scour depth and scour length decrease 7% and 19% respectively. The non-dimensional height of point bar downstream of scour hole was increased by 49%.  Comparison of the results obtains in this study with other investigators finding shows good agreement for the case of B-jump scour.


Volume 38, Issue 4 - Serial Number 4
February 2016
Pages 125-136
  • Receive Date: 24 May 2014
  • Revise Date: 08 February 2016
  • Accept Date: 26 October 2014
  • Publish Date: 21 January 2016