Distribution limit of jet flow in the same and dissimilar phases of ambient fluid

Document Type : Research Paper



     In this article we studied the distribution limits of jet injection in the same phase and dissimilar phase ambient. To achieve the proposes of this research a physical model was set upped consist of experimental flume and related accessories, circular jets nozzles 5, 8 and 15 mm diameter which had various contraction angles. The experiments were conducted at the same phase (clear water) and dissimilar phase (air surrounding) of ambient fluid. According to the results there is a significant effect on the properties of distribution limits on the partially submerged and free jet flow. The results showed that the jet flux has been developed at the dissimilar ambient fluid in the subcritical Densimetric Froude number. While the Densimetric Froude number was supercritical range in the same phase ambient flow. The quantity investigation shows that the maximum of jet flux development in the dissimilar ambient flow in the jet nozzle diameter is about 200 times where in the same phase ambient fluid this development has the nozzle diameter occurred 400 times. The results showed that the effect of dissimilar phase ambient on development of jet flow is much greater than the same phase ambient at the concentrations of 40 to 50 grams per liter. The govern mechanisms of the flux development of free outfall and submerged jet flow and It was found that the slope of the curve of the free jet injection is more of a submerged jet.