Estimation of Hydraulic Conductivity of Saturated and Unsaturated Soils Measured by Two Methods of Tillage Corn in Summer in the Northern Province of Khuzestan

Document Type : Research Paper



     The soil hydraulic conductivity (Ks) is very important parameters in soil physic and the designing of drainage systems. In this study the basic infiltration rate, infiltration rate and the saturated and unsaturated soil hydraulic conductivity were determined in a randomized complete block design with three treatments and three replications in a corn field in north of Khuzestan (Dezful) in 2013. The treatments were including No Tillage (NT), Minimum Tillage (MT) and conventional Tillage (CT) methods. In order to compare the effect of mesearing method of saturated hydraulic conductivity with two methods of double rings and disc permeameter on tillage methods  the  factorial test were used. The messuring of disc permeameter was performed in 15, 10, 5, 3, zero suctions. The results showed that the basic infiltration rate, infiltration rate and saturated and unsaturated (exept 10 and 15 suctions) hydraulic conductivity in CT method were significantly higher than the other methods of tillage (P<0.01). Comparing of the two measuring methods showed there were significantly difference between them. According to this the value of saturated hydraulic conductivity in disc permeameter method was higher than double rings method.