The Effect of Tape Irrigation Levels and Scheduled Surface Irrigation on Yield and Irrigation Water use Productivity of two Watermelon Varieties in Khuzestan

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1 Assistant Professor Agricultural Engineering Research Department. Safiabad Agricultural Research and Education and Natural Resources Center, AREEO, Dezful, Iran. P.O.Box:333

2 Assistant Professor Seed and Plant Improvement Research Department. Safiabad Agricultural Research and Education and Natural Resources Center, AREEO, Dezful, Iran. . P.O.Box:333


Watermelon is one of the most important profitable vegetables in Khuzestan. A mild water stress helps watermelon to develop the root system. Water stress has a negative effect on the yield of watermelon but it increases the quality of the fruit. Watermelon is usually planted in mid-June and is irrigated in a furrow irrigation which, generally, has low application efficiency. The high amount of water consumption, especially in the early stages of growth, requires considering the drip irrigation method. Recently, using drip (tape) irrigation has become more common in Khuzestan. However, there is not enough information regarding the impact of pressurized irrigation systems on the performance of watermelon varieties. Therefore, the current research was conducted with the aim of evaluating tape irrigation levels on watermelon varieties in Northern Khouzestan.   


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May 2018
Pages 73-84
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