Investigating the Effect of Circular Bridge Piers on Local Scouring at 60° Channel Junctions Using SSIIM1 3D Numerical Model

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1 Associate professor, Department of Water Engineering, Razi University, Kermanshah

2 M.Sc. of Irrigation and Drainage, Department of Water Engineering, Razi University, Kermanshah.

3 M.Sc. of Hydraulic Structures, Department of Water Engineering, Razi University, Kermanshah.


Insertion of different water structures such as bridge piers in the flow path contracts the flow cross section and causes backwater at upstream sections. The velocity and turbulence of flow increases around these structures and bed scouring will occur. To discover the effect of different structures in the vicinity of channel junctions on flow and sediment patterns, precise studies should be conducted. The effects of bridge pier on flow and sediment patterns in stright and curve open channels have been investigated (Salaheldin et al., 2004, Tabib zadeh et al., 2005). However, its effect on flow and sediment patterns at open channel confluences has rarely been studied.


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