Investigation of the Effect of Increasing the Wing Length of the L – Shape Spur Dike on the Scouring Around in the 90 Degree Bend

Document Type : Research Paper



     Spur dike is one of the conventional structures in organizing and controlling erosion on the river side slopes. It causes the strong flows to be taken away of coastal and flow is guided towards river axis. On the other hand, changes in the flow pattern cause scour around spur dike. This study tries to evaluate the effect of increasing length in spur dike wing on the scour depth. Experiments were performed in the 90 degree meander with three different wing length, three different discharges and fixed depth. In addition L– shape spur dike was compared with ordinary spur dike. The result indicates that the scour depth and volume decreases with increase in wing length of spur dike. Comparing L-shape spur dike to ordinary spur dike show to be increase 3.25% up to 23.85%. Finally, an experimental predictor is presented for scouring in L-shape spur dike. This predictor has shown significant correlation with observation data in scour depth prediction.


  • Receive Date: 12 February 2013
  • Revise Date: 10 January 2015
  • Accept Date: 11 September 2013
  • Publish Date: 23 October 2014