Comparison of Bed Topography for the Permeable and Impermeable Spur Dikes Group

Document Type : Research Paper



     In recent decades spur dike has been one of the methods for bank protection and sediment deposition in rivers. In fact the spur dikes decrease the erosion and sediment potential rate of flow between them by improving the flow hydraulic conditions and controlling the shear velocities. Spur dike construction creates new conditions in river, which causes scour around the spur dike. Having knowledge about the amount of scour and sedimentation patterns around the spurs, helps for better and improved design of dikes. Therefore in this study the scour and sedimentation patterns around a Series of permeable and impermeable spur dikes is investigated. The experiments were carried out under the conditions of clear water and the percent of permeability of 0%(closed)to 50% in a flume with 0.56m-wide,7.3m- long and 0.6m-depth. The results show that the maximum depth of scour around the series of spur dikes and the amount of deposition between spurs reduced with increasing the spur permeability.