Volume & Issue: Volume 37, Issue 1, May 2014 

Research Paper

Effect of Hydraulic and Geometric Parameters on Plunge Point in Density Current

Pages 1-9

Hassan Goleaje; Mehdi Ghomeshi; Javad Ahadian; Hamed Arjmandi

Flow Pattern Investigation at Bridge Abutment with and without Installed Submerged Vane

Pages 33-42

Kheiralah Khademi; Mahmood Shafaeebajestan; Mehdi Ghomeshi

Estimation of Philip Equation Sorptivity Factor by Two Methods Using Disc Permeameter

Pages 69-80

Sareh Tangsir; Zahra Izadpanah; Heydarali Kashkoli; Hadi Moazed

Simulation of Soil Moisture by HYDRUS-1D Model under Wheat Cultivation

Pages 81-92

Ali Asareh; Zahra Derakhshannezhad; Amir Soltanimohammadi; Mahialdin Gosheh

Effect of Wood, Sand, and Tire Chips Mulches on Evapotranspiration Using ZFP Model

Pages 119-131

Jahangir Abedikopaee; Seyedfarhad Mousavi; Mahsa Rahmani