Main Subjects = Agricultural Engineering - Water Sciences Eng
Regional Flood Analysis Via Comparison of The M5 Decision Tree Algorithm and Regression Models

Volume 40, Issue 4, February 2018, Pages 183-195


hassan esmaeili; Ali Mohammad Akhond Ali; Heidar Zarei; Mehrdad Taghian

Combined Effects of Water Stress and Salinity Stress on Yield Quantity and Quality of Grain Maize Varieties ksc-260

Volume 40, Issue 3, December 2017, Pages 49-61


mohammad amir babaee; mohammad hassan biglouei; nader Pirmoradian

Assessment and Analysis of Khur-e-khuran International Wetland Environmental Risks Using Multi-Criteria Decision-Making Methods

Volume 40, Issue 3, December 2017, Pages 63-75


Samira Jafariazar; Gholam Reza Sabzghabaei; Mortaza Tavakoly; Seyedeh Soolmaz Dashti

The Process of Plunge Pool Bed Form Changes by a Vertical Jet Impinging Upon Non-Cohesive Sediment

Volume 40, Issue 3, December 2017, Pages 77-85


Akbar Armaghani; Babak Lashkarara; Ali Mohammad Akhond Ali

Effects of Nose and Piano Keys Weir Parapet Wall on Floating Woody Debris

Volume 40, Issue 3, December 2017, Pages 99-107


Majid Rahimpour; Majid Rahimpour

A Novel Method for Numerical Simulation of Gradually Varied Flow Profile Based on Adaptive Newton Raphson method

Volume 40, Issue 1, February 2017, Pages 167-176


Farhoud Kalateh; Mohammad Jahandar Malekabadi; Yousef Hassanzadeh