Volume & Issue: Volume 40, Issue 2, September 2017, Pages 1-281 
Evaluate the Performance of Sugarcane Bagasse as a Carbonic Source Required in the Design of Denitrification Substrates

Pages 39-57


Sareh Tangsir; Abed Ali Naseri; Hadi Moazed; Seyed Ebrahim Hashemi Garm Dareh; Saeed Boroomand nasab

Effect of Dairy Effluent Reuse on Growth and Yield Indexes of Maize

Pages 135-145


Mina Nasiri; Sayyed-Hassan Tabatabaei; Mehdi Ghobadi nia; Ali Reza Hosian Poor

Improving irrigation schedule of potato in order to improve water use efficiency index

Pages 199-207


Mostafa Raeesi Asad Abadi; Mohammad Reza Nori Emam zade; Rohollah Fatahi